Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Kings of Spun the 39th

Spun Salutations all! Today we celebrate our 39th Kings of Spun; sam_reynolds01 (EU) and abhraham_us (NA) - All Hail! Before getting down to the details of these most spunderful of contests Uncle Spun would like to take a minute to cover one or two spun things which have come up in the past week...

A couple of weeks ago the EU Home community update stated that from the following day there would be 6 poster rewards hidden between Spunland and the Spunland Cottage, resulting in some consternation when said posters could not be found! Uncle Spun was completely Spun-out upon first hearing of this from some dedicated Spunlings, for at that point he should have been the only person to know about the posters, which were not due to make their clandestine appearance until next Wednesday (indeed the digital ink was not even dry on the images!). What spun thing had happened here he wondered? More than a few recent requests for a means to visit the 4th of July theme by homies who had missed it had given the madmunkis the idea of creating a Spunland Time Machine, perhaps this is proof that they will create such a spun wonder even if they have not done so quite yet... All spunning well the prophecy of the hidden posters will come to pass in the Spunland Update next week (30th), but not having actually constructed the Time Machine yet we cannot be sure. Details to follow...

Uncle Spun was recently asked if it was true that arriving in Spunland from the relocator in the Spunland Cottage conferred upon the intrepid traveller a Spun Point Bonus, the answer to which is YES. There is a different bonus each day, on a Tuesday - coronation day, the bonus is a two-times-multiplier for planting seeds. We will leave you to discover what bonuses await on the other 6 days, but will take this opportunity to mention a few other bonuses which could influence your chances of winning the Spun Crown. The Spunflower head reward item enables the wearer to plant up to 3 seeds on any vacant patch (this should be more of a bonus after the next update when the plants should finally die and thereby actually result in vacant patches) - you get 50 Spun Points for every seed you plant and wearing any Spunland Full Body Suit (commerce item) will confer the same planting ability. Note if you plant enough seeds to create a full Spunflower (i.e. 3) you get a bonus 75 points. The Harvest Head reward item gifts the player twice as many seeds as normal, so when you fill the Spun Bar at the top right of the screen you will receive two seeds and not one - thus switching between these Spun Heads at the perfect point in the Spun Cycle could yield you a healthy trove of Spun Points. And that's not to mention the 4 minute double points bonus for 'inspecting' any item in the Shop Maze...

And so to the Coronations. Both coronations were busy and hotly contested. Spunland EU was full of faces familiar and new, there was little evidence of glitching and a pleasing lack of acrimony. Crazy_Dragonus got us started but quickly fell out of the contest as regulars MAXMALO, sam_reynolds01 and Hennryke (in huge robo suit as ever!) seized the crown in quick succession. MalagaBoy21 swept it up as sam_reynolds01 dropped it during the Spun Storm to hunt rabbits on his LMO. The mighty luukhoekstra and Imhokh joined the competitive throng after the first harvest and thus our key competitors were set to thrash out the regal contest. Mandycamp and Nena_bcn staked their claims late in the day, but none could stop sam_reynolds01 take his EU Spuno'ween crown on an incredibly spuntastic 50,960 Spun Points!!!! All Hail! Finally special mention must be made of InSightFz coasting through the air on his Spunalloon!

On the other side of the Great Atlantic it was ringcollector79 who began the contest and tussled with lilmonstersmiler over the Spun Crown before it was snatched by Akina8373 who went on to undoubtedly dominate the match dressed fittingly as a Happy Spunling. For Unspun technical reasons Uncle Spun cannot take pictures while the game is on, which was a particular shame in this case as Akina8373 looked so Spuntastic glitching with her purple crown beneath the huge contest crown and frequently did the Happy Spunling dance as she butchered the spawning Spun Hopper. Many were the other contestants; q7u7tool, sam_reynoldsUS, pizzagirl and ReccaWolf all made great plays only to be beat in the end by abhraham_us who cunningly picked his moment and claimed the crown in the final minutes on 17,045 Spun Points! As he (like others present) was playing in Spuno'ween, Majesty abhram_us won himself the Spuno'ween Crown. All Hail!

Following the contest Spun DeDuke summoned the Angry Duke of Spun to fire some more bouncing spun points at all present, Uncle Spun took off to fetch the Happy Duke - but alas it was not to be, as he found himself spunning alone in the unspun crash void. It seems we cannot have both Dukes following a Coronation, at least not until some changes are made...

Next week, we are going to start the EU contest one hour later than usual due to a request, should anyone object, or wish to suggest an alternative time please do so, otherwise: Tuesday 29th July, Spunland EU 9 - 9.30pm BST and Spunland NA 4 - 4.30pm PDT/ 7 - 7.30pm EDT. Until then Stay Spun!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The One and only 38th King of Spun...

Spun Salutations Dear Reader, Uncle Spun here to announce the 38th King of Spun. For the second time ever we have the same King on both sides of the Great Atlantic: sam_reynolds01 & sam_reynoldsUS! All hail!

The EU coronation got off to a particularly unspun start; madmunkid had fallen asleep to be woken at 2 minutes to the coronation hour by a message from i-munki. He fumbled and stumbled and found his way to Spunland to see that i-munki had experienced a bit of a problem in starting the 38th Coronation, indeed this problem would effect the way that many people experienced the event... Should such unfortunate circumstances occur again (which hopefully they won't) then the best thing for everyone to do is to leave Spunland completely (take a quick trip to your favourite apartment) and return a minute later. i-munki was forced to do this to restart the coronation, but without everyone else doing likewise they would have experienced some rather unspun phenomena throughout the coronation....

Despite the bodged start the coronation got underway and fell into a steady rhythm. Uncle Spun marvelled at the many LMOs in use (two motorbikes and a pony being the most impressive) as he tried to keep up with the passing of the Spun Crown. titemisse and sam_reynolds01 may have dominated the contest but luukhoekstra, KeLLy_KeLLy_K2, MAXMALO and Imhokh all took their turn before sam_reynold01's ultimate victory. Unfortunately the unspun start of the contest meant that there were also problems at it's conclusion leading to sam_reynolds01 not receiving his crown reward. Under the circumstances this was particularly unspun as sam was playing in Spuno'ween in order to win the special Spuno'ween Crown. Just as well he was able to make it across the Atlantic 3 hours later...

wubashnutz_09 kicked off the NA contest with the first claim only for sam_reynoldsUS to sweep in and take the crown moments later. The only real contender to sam_reynoldsUS seemed to be SoulReaver_444 who managed some impressively long stints, indeed he held the crown for the entirety of the third Spun Cycle. The spuntastically brightly coloured q7u7tool was Harvest King at least 3 times and SuperMacho69 made a confidant claim in the final phase of the contest only to be best by SoulReaver_444 who in turn lost out to sam_reynoldsUS, crowned 38th NA King of Spun on 33,258 Spun Points!

Once again sam was playing with Spunland in it's Spuno'ween theme and so he became the first to win the Special Spuno'ween Crown as you can see from the coronation pictures below. As many of you will hopefully know Spunland now takes it's Spuno'ween form on the 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st of every month, but if you look this up on a calender you will quickly see that the first coronation (tuesday) which falls on one of these dates is not till next year! To ensure that we can have a Spuno'ween Contest on the week of Halloween, we have set Spunland to be Spuno'ween for that entire week (25th - 31st of October). Should you not wish to wait so long to play for the Spuno'ween Crown you can enter Spunland in Spuno'ween form on any coronation night by using either the relocator in the Spunland Cottage or the Spunland Portal reward item and choose to visit Spuno'ween.

Uncle Spun is aware that there may be some resentment at sam and others who have won the contest more than once, but must repeat that we do not wish to prevent people from doing so. No one is cheating here, the contest is actually fair and there are many tricks to getting a high score fast, we may even publish a list of such again in the near future but not until after the next Spunland Update which will should bring some score effecting changes on the 30th of July. Hopefully.

Next week's contest will be on Tuesday the 22nd of July, Spunland EU: 8 - 8.30pm BST, Spunland NA 4 - 4.30pm PDT and 7 - 7.30pm EDT, until then - Stay Spun!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Kings of Spun Independence The First!

Spun Salutations and Callooh! Callay! Today we announce our first Kings of Spun Independence, and there are 3 of them! All hail Imhokh undisputed First EU King of Spun Independence, whilst in NA courtesy of the the magic of multiple instances we have two: sam_reynoldsUS and abhraham_US, NA Kings of Spun Independence the First!

And what Spuntastic Coronations they were! The EU was busy and bright, festooned with fireworks and full of serious coronation contenders. The contest started on the stroke of the Spun Harvest with Armor-kings-2000 taking their one and only shot with the crown before new comer AKELX made their first of several successful claims on the regal prize. Majesty luukhoekstra joined the fray following the second harvest, looking ever the part of the King-to-be only to have AKELX stake his second claim, to then lose out to Imhokh's first gambit. Small_wave and Rockhead80 both managed to compete before sam_reynolds01 ghostlinged in, causing Uncle Spun to bet with i-munki that sam or luuk would win, but what do they know? MAXMALO also took a turn with the Spun Crown before the final harvest when AKELX lost out to Rockhead80 who was then trumped by Imhokh, winning the 4th of July Crown on 17,567 Spun Points! All Hail!

Uncle Spun arrived on the other side of the Great Atlantic to find Spunland NA disapointingly quite. Alas, he thought, these colours belong here and yet there are few to see them... Then lilmonstersmiler informed him that this was the quiet instance, in the other were many names familiar from the annals of the Kings of Spun, as Spun DeDuke would find out when he fortuitously arrived there. The quiet Contest began with krazekid263 and did not stay quiet for long. lilmonstersmiler took the crown which looked as though it belonged to her, losing it but briefly to RamenNoodleChef, before reclaiming it then employing the killing of the spawning Spun Hopper tactic to grind up her score. The second harvest saw more contenders take the crown than poor Uncle Spun could note; a_AAA1455, GamerGod49, EpicDeafGirl420x, KiLLERJASON, bennytran44 and krazekid623 all managed to share claims of the Spun Crown with lilmonstersmiler. Dr_Zoobilee-Zoo became the Harvest King of the penultimate Spun Cycle with henrynguyen making a valiant play against GamerGod49 and lilmonstersmiler. The final harvest seemed like a play off between krazkid23 and lilmonstersmiler, when to the surprise of all abhraham_us, seemingly by accident whilst planting a seed, plucked the crown from the head of his friend lilmonstersmiler and was inaugurated NA King of Spun Independence the First with 32,403 Spun Points! The drama!

Of the Second Spunland Instance Spun DeDuke had this to say:

Yee-ha! Well a twice in a lifetime chance to be crowned King of Spun! Yes, because we had not one but two instances going on for the Fourth of July celebrations and it was packed to the Spun rafters!

And we’re off to a smokingpistol start! – Quickly grabbed by Darth_Matt92 And then by Maxx_Mega and shortly after Vampirefun23 – lets take a breather and wow MHX_A1R come in for a steal – the game is on as SmokinP come back with a comfortable take and holds it for a while, so we wonder where is sam_reynoldsUS – Is he playing tactics here as he’s not yet claimed the crown and sure enough bang he’s in for the kill till KamilTiger wrestles in a massive tackle as a err, cute little bambi fawn a lolloping across the spun plains… Oh, while planting seeds – guys we got us a glitcher!

And so the storm ends… but KamilTiger picks up the gauntlet once again and prances off around the border fence dropping little brown nuggets of – wait no, she’s  planting seeds.

Oh now sam_reynoldsUS has got it – I missed that as I was too engrossed in the wild life. Spiderboy123456 comes in with a slickly silk smooth manoeuvre which is short lived as Maxx_Mega takes it back and then again lost to little hobgoblin. Nature fights fantasy and kamiTiger is back around the perimeter dropping those  seeds a plenty – then DarthMatt92 the self-proclaimed glitcher takes it and KamiTiger takes it back again!

I blink and yawn and suddenly we’re into the last 6 minutes and DarthMatt92 is sliding along till sam_reynolds hoists it off and runs with it till KamiTiger prancess through with gazelle like grace to have it taken away by Ren_Echo another long standing spunling – last two minutes and sam_reynoldsUS holds it through a heavy storm  while it shrinks – can he maintain it before the storm ends or with time ruins before… We’re over 30minutes by ten seconds and the crown is claimed!!

Well Done sam_reynoldsUS  you are ?? ing of Spun! With a cracking score of 46,474 without glitching – see it can be done just as you said DarthMatt 92J

Uncle Spun is pleased to report that following the contest many of those taking part managed to meet in the same instance, and thus he was able to photograph both Kings together - big Spun thanks for your patience with Uncle Spun's camera fumblings! And perhaps even greater Spun thanks to all who gathered to dance, pose pleasingly and chat. There were some spuntastic suggestions made for the future of Spun, many small practical things learnt and a few decisions made. Now it's back to toiling on the next Spunland Update, which should go live (all spunning well) on the 30th of July to bring some new rewards , an update to the Spunland Cottage and various Spun improvements, details to follow. In the meantime here's an interview madmunki recently did with PSHome Gazette...

Next week, become the 38th Kings of spun on Tuesday the 15th of July, Spunland EU 7-7.30pm BST, Spunland NA 4-4.40pm PDT and 7 - 7.30pm EDT. Until then, stay Spun!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Kings of the Spun the 36th and Spunland Update

Spun Salutations Dear Reader! Today brings not only news of our latest Kings of Spun but also a Spunland bedecked in red, white and blue to celebrate the Spirit of Independence everywhere! The theme may be new but both of our Kings are undisputed stalwarts of Spunland Royalty - luukhoekstra, 36th EU King of Spun, his seventh such title and sam_reynoldsUS 36th NA Spun Majesty, NA King for the fifth time! All Hail!

Spunland will present its Independence colours from the 2nd to the 9th of July and next tuesday the Coronation Contest will be a special affair as a result, with the one time opportunity to win the 4th of July Crown! At the risk of causing some consternation Uncle Spun must repeat that the 4th of July Crown will not be awarded to those who employ the glitch to win. Please accept our Spun apologies if this sits ill with you, but hopefully you understand our reasoning.

Besides new colours and Crown the 4th July theme also brings Fireworks to Spunland! Yes, you can satisfy your pyrotechnic cravings by launching one of these at the cost of a mere 100 Spun points. The cost is extracted from the points that you currently have, rather than those stored safely in the Bank of Spun, we may change this at a later date depending on your feedback.

There have also been some changes to the Shop Maze, not least of which is the 4th of July Top hat reward for the intrepid explorer and in Underspun point scoring has been doubled to greater reflect the creative endeavours of poor Lumino.

We are aware that there are still some vicious unspun bugs haunting Spunland, especially with the Spunflowers and will seek to banish these in the next Update. You may have noticed that frequently the Spunflowers refuse to die (and consequently spawn no rabbits) - if you witness this and have the time and inclination we would greatly appreciate if you could let us know the following (posting here, on the facebook, or email to

1. What was the state of the 'weather' when you spawned in Spunland? (Cloudy, Storm, Harvest)
2. When you saw this was it during the first storm after you arrived?
3. Did the plants then die in the following storm?
4. If #3 above is true, did the problem recur at any point later during the same session?

Finally before getting to the details of the 36th Coronation Uncle Spun would like to thank YPSH for inviting us to their Summer Bash, it was spuntastic to see so many familiar faces - and apologies if madmunki seemed a little distant, the fact is that some unspun bug fixing was taking place at the same time!

Uncle Spun is pleased to report that Spunland EU was as busy as ever for the 36th Coronation contest and although incumbent Majesty luukhoekstra won the day with what may be the highest contest score ever (a spuntastic 46,707 points!) many were the heads to wear the Spun Crown. streetswagsisi got us going in the midst of a Spun Storm, to be pipped by dar29 then Small_wave all before the first harvest! sam_reynolds01 made his first appearance of the night as the Crown respawned to be thwarted by the mighty luukhoekstra who took the crown and held it for the longest period he managed during the contest. samet12345masser, HSudra, FuriouS_ofDuty, our old friend MAXMALO and Nena_bcn all managed to lay claim to the Crown at points during what was a hotly contested match, but none could best our undisputed EU champion luukhoekstra, nemesis of the Spun Hopper which met many a death at his regal hands. All Hail! And Spun Apologies Majesty, one could not stay to chat due to the demands of other Spun duties...

Spunland NA was just as busy as it's EU sibling and judging by the roll call of those that held the Crown for longest it seemed almost like a rematch of the previous week, if sam_reynoldsUS had not made the Great Atlantic crossing it almost certainly would have been... SavoDeMort swept the first Crown away, glitching majestically on his Broom Broom LMO, before KamilTiger took a brief turn, then BuBbLeGuM-JoY  who became the first to fall to sam_reynoldsUS. Erstwhile Majesty smokingpistol entered the fray on the second harvest, resplendently glitching with a two crown combo to lose out on his first tussle with SavoDeMort. The_Wiz_1 became a harvest King on the 3rd Spawn of the crown to contentiously lose out to glitching SavoDeMort who in turn lost to a non glitching sam_reynolds. Indeed this exact pattern of ownership was repeated following the final harvest when sam_reynoldsUS ended the contest victorious on 34,995 Spun Points! Before ending one must also mention the spuntastically named dreaminpurple23 who like The_Wiz_1 managed a harvest king claim only to be thwarted by KamilTiger during the penultimate spun cycle and one must also remark on how spunderful it was to see so many spuntastic LMOs, from majestic dragons to inflatable toys (what was that you were riding BuBbLeGuM-JoY?).

So next week, it's the 4th July Crown - no glitching please! Tuesday the 8th of July, Spunland EU: 8 -8.30pm BST, Spunland NA 4-4.30pm PDT/ 7- 7.30pm EDT. Until then stay Spun, and have a Spuntastic Independence day!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Kings of Spuno'ween and further controversy...

Spun Salutations dear reader! This week saw the return of Spuno'ween and consequently the crowning of our first Spuno'ween Majesties; All Hail luukhoekstra, 35th EU King of Spun and 1st EU Spuno'weeen King and Spun congrats to smokingpistol NA Glitchking of Spuno'ween! And therein lies the controversy, so before regaling you tales of regal strife and recent news let Uncle Spun proceed immediately to the omnipresent bugbear that is glitching...

By 'glitching' one means the use of LMOs whilst actually attached to the Spunland game. There is nothing wrong with exiting the game to use your favourite LMO for the catching of rabbits, collecting of fruit and other spun harvesting activities, however whilst doing so you will not be able to take the Spun Crown, unless of course you are glitching. As we have covered at length elsewhere Spunland was designed to allow people to do this, but for unspun technical reasons you should not be able to use an LMO whilst actually attached to a game, but the truth is that you actually can, in fact it can even happen by accident which is one of the reasons why we at Spunland mansions are loathe to overly berate anyone for doing so, even if it seems a bit naughty. Let us delve deeper...

There are a number of ways to get your LMO to work whilst playing the game. Arriving in the scene whilst you have an LMO active may work, or leaving the game, equipping an LMO then quickly rejoining may also work, but note that you may suffer unintended side effects and ultimately hasten the unspun crash void to come swallow you - or not, if you are lucky. So in general we advise against it, but as anyone can do this we cannot claim that doing so is terribly unfair, however we are sympathetic to those of you who are particularly riled by such tactics, so let Uncle Spun state unequivocally our position...

From the 4th July Coronation (Tuesday the 8th of July) new event based Spun Crowns will be coming to Spunland. The only time the 4th July Crown can be won will be on that date (the 8th, not the 4th, confusing yes). From the same date Spuno'ween will also finally have it's own unique Spuno'ween Crown, though other than by using the Spunland Portal Reward your first chance of winning this will be during the coronations of October (during which month Spuno'ween will fall on a tuesday). On these special event days glitching will be forbidden, and Uncle Spun will not reward a glitcher with the Spun Crown regardless of how long the contest has run. If it comes to it there will be no King under such circumstances. This rule will be explicitly stated on the event announcements. On 'normal' coronation events it is up to the individual, but do not be surprised if you provoke the ire of your fellow Spunland competitors by glitching.

And so to announcements. Today should see the fix to the AlphaZone4 Picture Puzzle go live, we will confirm this later once Uncle Spun has managed to complete at least part of it himself. Big Spun apologies to all those who suffered headaches from the unsolvable puzzle and super big spun apologies to May2009 who should now hopefully get to see her spunderful artwork!

Work has begun on the next update to Spunland beyond the 4th July Update, this next one will hopefully see the light of day at the very end of July. Should anyone have any suggestions of spun things they would like to see then let us know as soon as possible, indeed on this one Uncle Spun would like to thank SavoDeMort for the suggestion that black Spuno'ween rabbits should be worth more spun points as they are harder to catch. We will do this, but need to think more on whether such will also be the case during coronations - as contrary to what some may think we do actually believe in contests being fair!

Talking of contests... Spunland EU, resplendent in its Spuno'ween colours was as busy as ever last night. pinkkitten86 had the first touch of the crown, but quickly lost it to dogydog4 who barely had it settle above his head before it was snatched by luukhoekstra. sam_reynolds01 (his Spunling Ghost form fitting most majestically in the circumstances), MAXMALO and xesterman (disguised as a Spun Tree!) were the only others who managed to make a claim. For 3 entire cycles of Spun did luukhoekstra lay sole claim to the Spun Crown - quite an acheivement! Spun Congrats 35th EU Majesty of Spun with your impressive 35,812 Spun Points!

Spunland North America was just as busy as it's EU sibling, and even more full of Spun and suitably gothic flavoured costumes. lilmonstersmiler got us off to a brisk start, to be quickly bested by our glitching smokingpistolCyberpuck had a brief run but ultimately the contest was a struggle between Jess-dee-dee, SavoDeMort and smokingpistol who glitched his way to victory on his skateboard LMO with a spuntastic 36,842 Spun Points! All Hail!

Following the contest, at the suggestion of our new Majesty the madmunkis summoned the Dukes of Spun in their Spuno'ween form (tis rumoured that one may even have visited Spuno'ween EU earlier in the day). This being the first time that both Dukes manifested following a coronation we were bobified! But I will leave the details of that to those who were present, and say no more!

Next week, the 36th Kings of Spun will be decided on Tuesday the 1st of July. Spunland EU 8 - 8.30pm BST and Spunland NA 4 - 4.30pm PDT and 7 - 7.30 EDT. Have a Spun week!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The 34th King of Spun and Much News!

Spun Salutations to all Homies, Homelings, Spunlings and all other lovely people. All Hail MAXMALO, 34th EU King of Spun, details of his busy coronation and the North American contest can be found far below, but first Uncle Spun has much news to relate.

Today sees the latest Update to Spunland itself, the publishing of the Spunland Mega Bundle 1 and the AlphaZone4 reward items, and other news besides, but in case you have found your way here to see what has changed in the land of Spun have a read of this list:

Spunland Change List

  1. 4  New Rewards, including: E-Wots, Spunland Sad Head, Spun Boxing Gloves and the Spunbot Beanie LMO plus the return of the Spun Cloud Head. Note you will only see the new rewards if you already own most of the old ones.
  2.  Fruit now worth 20 Spun points for picking up rather than 10
  3. Unspun Bug preventing the shop from opening even if all trees are coloured is now fixed.
  4.  Bank of Spun exploit removed. Some clever clogs had realized that they could stop someone stealing their Spun Crown if they stood very near the robo Banker. No longer. Sorry Clever Clogs. Nice shoes btw.
  5. Illuminating Spun in Underspun is now worth twice as many points during a Coronation Contest. Scoring in Underspun is dependent on how much Spun is currently bobbing around the world, when you illuminate a new ball of Spun you score the number of Spun Balls active (displayed on the interface), plus one, times ten. So on creating the 3rd ball you would get 40 points ( (3 + 1) * 10 ), and on creating the 13th you would get 140 points - during a coronation contest these would then be 80 and 280 points. Confused yet?
  6. The return of Spuno'ween! From henceforth one day a week will be Spuno'ween - it depends on the date: the 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st of each month. This means that for each month it will be on the same day, but a different day every month, for June that means Tuesdays. Note: the date is taken from the Server Time, which seems to be based on GMT - apologies for any unspun oddness this causes our American cousins - for example if it was Tuesday the 24th of June, under EDT the Spunoween conditions would actually start at 8pm EDT on Monday and end at 8pm on Tuesday. We will hopefully try to improve this in a further update...
  7. Rabbits might look a bit shiny sometimes. Don't worry we didn't harm them, we used a very soft cloth for all that polishing.

The Spunland Mega Bundle1 brings a spuntastic collection of Spunland items at a very reasonable price. You can watch the video here. At the risk of cluttering the page with too many lists, the bundle includes:

Flusho Spunner (companion), Spunland Lumino Lamp - Desktop, Spunland Picture 2 (minigame picture puzzle), LMO - Spunland Rabbit Hopper Purple, Spunland Rabbit Head White (male + female), Spunland Character Cube: Head, Spunland Character Cube: Torso, Spunland Character Cube: Legs, Spun Rabbit Head Portable, Constructo Spunner Helmet (male + female), Sonic Spunner Full Body Suit (male + female), Spunims 1 (Dance Pack), LMO - Spunland Jayraf, Spun Moustache Portable (Curly), Spunland T-shirt 2 (male + female: “Follow Me”).

Today also sees the release of a set of new reward items madmunki have created for the spuntastic AlphaZone4, which includes a new Picture Puzzle proudly bearing the spunderful artwork of May2009 as one of the puzzles. You can get your reward codes and all the details on the AlphaZone4 website right here (although at time of writing they have yet to appear).

Talking of Picture Puzzles, we have finally published a fix to Spunland Picture 4. It transpires that the 4th puzzle was unsolvable and for this knowledge we are indebted to the ever majestic Sam Reynolds (and others). When Uncle Spun created his first Picture Puzzles he was not aware that it was actually possible to create an accidentally unsolvable Picture Puzzle, in fact it turns out that a half of all possible tile layouts in such puzzles are impossible to solve, so it is near miraculous that the first impossible puzzle was actually the last one on our second Picture Puzzle item! To make amends for Uncle Spun’s ignorance we have added a 5th Puzzle to Spunland Picture 4 and consequently also another small reward for those canny enough to solve it.

Improving all things Spun is a subject never far from the fevered minds of the madmunkis and your help in this quest is always appreciated, to this end Uncle Spun must extend thanks to the Esos Dioses Del Home crew who made many spuntastic suggestions at the Q&A last Wednesday and also to phatso64 who gave Uncle Spun a tour of his spunderfully decorated Spunland Cottage just the other night. We will hopefully not be the only ones to owe thanks to phatso64 as his insight will almost certainly lead to some especially Spun Updates to the Spunland Cottage in the not too distant future. Which leads us to future updates... Yes, Uncle Spun is pleased to confirm that the next new Spunland theme will be that celebrating the eternal spirit of independence in the form of the 4th July Celebrations . Details will follow soon, but for now one can say that with the new theme will come Special Coronation Crowns which can only be won when the theme is active.

Before moving on Uncle Spun has one final announcement courtesy of the Skeptical Duke of Spun, who would like you to know that you can now sample the first of his madmunki labours; converting Glen Corpes' Topia World Builder to Android, and you can find it here.

And so finally to the Coronations, first we have the least controversial and must congratulate MAXMALO once again, our 34th EU Spun Majesty! Spunland EU was as busy as ever and Kelly_Kelly_K2 got us off to a bashful start by letting Windfleuchter_74 swipe the crown from her at the start of the contest. Hennryke in huge Robo Spunner form competed with sam_reynolds01, luukhoekstra and MAXMALO in a constant tussle broken only by the advent of an unspun crash which sent Uncle Spun spinning momentarily to the void. The contest was soon rejoined however and despite a Harvest King gambit by Leyre14 MAXMALO stomped his way to victory! Spun Congrats!

Spunland NA was quiet, indeed as lilmonstasmiler2 put it, ‘too quiet’. Uncle Spun finds that he has a predilection not just for the use of big clever sounding words (not to mention small silly words) but also for pattern finding, or perhaps it is just a keen appreciation of synchronicity. For example on the one occasion when we had our portmanteau glitchking Spunland was arguably too busy, that is the one occasion where  we had two instances of the contest running, which seemed most fitting with the outcome, just so with the 34th NA contest – the lack of competitors was most appropriate for a trollking win.

There were only 3 harvests over the duration of the contest as there were so few clouds being created and Uncle Spun found himself dallying by an unclaimed crown for much of the time. limonstasmiler2, SuperMacho69 and dxkills16 all laid claim at times, and Akina8373 induced some smiles by scouring Spunland in the form of a monstrous T-Rex, but following the final harvest the Troll saw it’s chance and stole the crown. dxkills16 made a valiant attempt to take it back, but alas the Troll won out. For a minute Uncle spun considered what to do, he knew where this path lead, down under the bridge to the dank haven of the unspun uglies, should he follow? On this occasion the answer was no, the rules would be adhered to and the troll could have its crown if it mattered so much.

When a player appears during the Coronation Contest they are presented with a choice to take part or not. In the interests of keeping things brief (admittedly not a rule Uncle Spun follows here) we do not say ‘By choosing to enter the contest you are consenting for the reproduction of your avatar’s image and the use of your PSN id as the identity of the current King of Spun’. We like to think that this is implicit in taking part in the contest, but it seems that Spunland exists within the context of a sometimes scarily litigious culture and ‘implicit’ is not quite admissible in a court of law. How dull and unspun. The troll can keep his crown, defended as he is by a veritable army of unspun lawyers and Uncle Spun will try very hard to keep his brother Uncle Unspun at bay, his sinister sibling whispers to him in the dark alleyways of the night, think what we could do he says, bring on the watchers and release the unspun, let beauty decay as it inevitably must! No replies Uncle Spun, battle not with monsters lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss...

And on that cheery note, have a Spun Day! Next contest: Tuesday 24th of June, when Spunland will be in Spuno’ween form! Callooh! Callay! Spunland EU 8 – 8.30pm BST, Spunland NA 4-4.30pm PDT, 7- 7.30 EDT. Stay Spun!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

King’s of Spun the 33rd

Spun salutations dear reader! All hail our 33rd King’s of Spun – sam_reynolds01 (EU) and abhraham_us (NA). For the past month or two the madmunki’s have been embracing the great spirit of all things random and as those of you in the EU may have noticed, have begun each coronation by ‘tossing a coin’ to determine who will perform the duties of Uncle Spun in the EU and NA. Last night they could not do such as madmunkid was not present at that point and so i-munki had no choice but to take on the responsibility for the EU all by himself, consequently here is what he had to excitably say about that...

Shall we dance? I hear an imaginary ding-a-ling sound. and they're off! And so we start the Spunland dash to see who is to become the 33rd EU King of Spun.

It's to a typical start with people claiming the crown even if just for the opportunity of possessing it as they know that our esteemed regulars are the true heavy weights when on the score chase... and we have a starter;'Undercover_Da' - but wait, we get a steal from 'Imhokh', who takes it all the way through to the end of the 1st storm! Which is Ok if he's OK as I'm Ok with err 'Imhokh'. Aaaanyway...
'MAXMALO' takes up the gauntlet for a short while and 'Imhokh' comes back into it with another claim then has the crown stolen by seasoned veteran 'sam_reynolds01'. Hey there 'Luukheokstra' takes up the charge with a great steal from out of nowhere and goes all the way to the creation of the polynation - and so ends the storm. Uncle Spun takes a break and rests up his wheels ready for the next claimant to the crown in this Game of Spunland Thrones. 'Caster..?' - wait no, 'MAXMALO' steals it! Too quick to read who that was with one second of crownage. The chase is back on; sam_reynolds01 is back, hot on the heels of the currently crowned one and steals it - but wait 'Caster..?' Casterhorloge' has it now - is this a steal? From 'Sam_R..' Uncle Spun blinked and missed that one but it is short lived as 'MAXMALO' is back with a new claim to the title! And so endeth the storm. 

I rock back to crown point and rest my wheels before the new claim begins and we're in! 'MAXMALO' takes it up but there's a storm brewing - and where's the time gone - we've one minute left and the storm is ending, time is dragging out but no one is challenging 'Sam-the stealer- Reynolds01' as he takes the crown from 'MAXMALO' - the storm is about to end, the crown is shrinking we're beyond and now over 30 minutes!!! I see people waiting to claim the crown in a steal from Crown Point - but wait Uncle Spun signals the end and we have our 33rd EU Spun King!!!

sam_reynolds01 with a score of 37,724 points - not quite his standard he most modestly says, as his personal record is 40k!!

Where was Luuk - not so Luuky this night! But well played everyone - a most entertaining event . i-munki


Spunland NA was pleasingly busy. redunzl_gw began the contest with the first claim of the crown – which tickled Uncle Spun as only the previous night he had spent an hour in Spunland trying to take the crown from redunzl_gw (glitching about on his Spunbot Classic Saucer LMO) and always having at least 700 spun points too few... redunzl_gw kept the crown until the first harvest of the contest following which BRAST-_-TURTLEZ became the second King contestant of the day (and first harvest King) - but only briefly as Darth-Matt92 came glitching by on his LMO and made his first foray with the Crown, which he went on to dominate. Of the other contenders Uncle Spun must mention phillyroger1, bigimpulse, Smokescreen_5 and Happy Spunling Akina8373. lilmonstasmiler2 made her first bid for the regal title after the final harvest (when Darth-Matt92 with his glitching stepped graciously aside) and it looked as though she would win until abhram_us in the final moments of the match claimed the crown as his own with a mighty 26, 138 points! Spun Congratulations to Majesty Abraham_us, who despite his spuntastic score had apparently not intended to win, it just worked out that way...

Before signing off for this week Uncle Spun has a couple of announcements – at 8pm BST today the madmunkis (well at least one of them) will be in Spunland EU for a developer Q&A with these lovely peeps here – come join us! We will also be announcing another Spun competition on facebook later, so look out for that too...

Next week, same times & places... Tuesday 17th June, Spunland EU 8 – 8.30pm BST, Spunland NA: 4 – 4.30pm PDT / 7 – 7.30pm EDT. Until then – Stay Spun!