Monday, 20 October 2014

The 51st Kings of Spun...

In the time know as 'The Great Denial' there was much confusion. No one knows what scribe took on the grave responsibility of recording the Spunland Coronations during this period, so none can vouch for their veracity. In the 'Annals of Spun', the 51st Coronation is recorded thus:

The dark omen of the spurned Crown hung over Spunland EU; the contest did begin as the harvest blossomed but none took up the crown until it passed, whence monkeyshadow took it and held it firm until the Spun Storm did wither it away to nothing.

Re7e_SqUaLo became the first Harvest King, losing out to monkeyshadow who would have seemed the strongest contender to many, but then sam_reynolds01 decided it was time to warm his ghostly head and did so until he felt the first drops of the Spun Rain when he dropped it, as is his habit. There are those who say that the Spun Crown belongs to Sam, others just borrow it as he sees fit. solidus299 spotted his opportunity and so ended the second cycle in control.

DUB took up the challenge following the second harvest, but soon lost out to NK-NIKKLAS, then solidus299 stepped in again. Rising-Death-85- then entered the contest, proving a tenacious contender; sam_reynolds01 may have taken his crown back, and although monkeyshadow took advantage of Sam's storm drop, it was Rising-Death-85- who ended the cycle and indeed begun its succesor, indeed only he and sam_reynolds01 managed to lay claim during the fourth cycle.

And so it seemed as though Rising-Death-85- would be crowned 51st EU King of Spun, having taken the crown as soon as it spawned for the fourth time he held it until 2 minutes to the coronation moment when Imhokh did suddenly appear and claimed the crown and thus the title for his own with 14,506 Spun Points.

The dark omen of the spurned crown, having no release in the EU carried over to NA. What is there to say of this most unspun historic episode? The coronation started as did its EU sibling during a Spun Harvest, XxDeathFallsxX and goddessbunny42 both looked like serious contenders to the title, when some 20 minutes in a freezing wind rushed through spunland, as though a hole had been torn between here and the Unspun Crash Void. All were petrified, even the Spun Trees became statues and were stilled in their infinite dance.

But the Spunlings were not to be stopped so easily. Some minutes later all gathered again in Spunland, and the 51st Coronation began for the second time... WWEKILLER1989 stood statue like with the Crown as though still afflicted by the void when UncleSpun took the crown and held it for one whole cycle. 

goddessbunny42 took the lead following the second harvest, dxkills16 temporarily ended her regal ambition before lilmonstersmiler snatched the crown away only for goddessbunny42 to take it back and end the cycle victorious.

The final harvest began with lilmonstersmiler as Harvest King, but dxkills16 seized it from her, and it would seem that this were done mostly for fun than ambition as she let out a great scream when she accidentally won, and was crowned 51st NA Majesty of Spun on 18,135 Spun Points...

The 52nd Coronation was set for Tuesday the 21st of October (EU: 9pm BST, NA: 4pm PDT/ 6pm CDT/ 7pm EDT), who knew what would befall the land of Spun on that day?

Sunday, 12 October 2014

The One and Only 50th King of Spun!

Pinned to the door of Spunland Mansions a ragged piece of parchment flutters feverishly in the wind, it's crumpled surface covered in spidery hand written text:

The 50th Coronation took place in the period later referred to as 'The Great Denial'. Many expected that a grim pall would suffocate the regal contest, but were proved wrong as events unfolded... Spunland EU was thriving with serious contenders, for it was well known that on this day the Orange Spun Crown would finally make its debut.

axkoula13 was the first to claim the crown, and save for one other brief shot was soon out of the match. sam_reynolds01 wasted no time in announcing his intentions, taking the crown from axkoula13 then dropping it as the Spun Storm seethed to see archking take it and end the first cycle in possession. Quick off the mark, archking became the first harvest king of the longest spun cycle of the contest. There were almost too many exchanges for any to note all of the names which went rushing by. pfasther1, madmunkid, JohnPlayer67, elruso12 and APPIE1615 all struggled with sam_reynolds01, who once more executed a storm drop to see archking seize the moment again.

The second harvest should have told all but the dullest of observers how this day would end; archking executed a Harvest King claim to soon lose the crown to sam_reynolds01, even at this point none could best sam's spun score but westyboy1999 seized the opportunity of sam's storm drop to end the third cycle victorious, and as archking often has, went on to claim the Harvest King position on the passing of the storm. madmunkid ended westyboy1999's ambition and in turn was ejected from the contest by JohnPlayer67. Imhokh, majesty of old reminded all of his form by taking the prize from JohnPlayer67, but then surely none were surprised when sam_reynolds01 effortlessly claimed the crown once more and evincing his storm aversion dropped it for archking to have one final turn.

peerhoofd was last Harvest King of the contest, then sam_reynolds01 made his final claim - none could stop his rush to victory, and so it was that he was crowned the 50th EU King of Spun with 56,408 Spun Points.

Many former Kings arrived in Spunland NA to test their mettle and claim the Orange Spun Crown as their own. WVSTEALTH was the first to try, but was easily best by UncleSpun himself before he was trounced by XxDeathFallsxX in giant football form. bestscreenname claimed next, but WVSTEALTH having revived his score won the first cycle.

The first Spun Harvest saw XxDeathFallsxX take back the crown, then past majesties Akina8373 and dxkills16 joined the fray, although XxDeathFallsxX put up a stern fight and WVSTEALTH staked his claim too, it was Akina8373 who brought the first full cycle to a close, and went on to start the third. Then sam_reynoldsUS stepped in. Somehow UncleSpun claimed next, was it from a storm drop or did he really have a greater score than the EU King? Few knew and less most likely cared as lilmonstersmiler swiftly put paid to UncleSpun's misconstrued regal ambition. Akina8373 and XxDeathFallsxX fought out the remainder of the cycle, with Akina8373 winning out.

lilmonstersmiler claimed the crown following the third harvest until Animestar5 intervened. Akina8373, dxkills16 and WVSTEALTH tussled their way through the remainder of the cycle, with XxDeathFallsxX beating them all to end in regal command.

Newcomer Aisha_Dangereuse swept up the freshly spawned crown as the final harvest began. Akina8373 easily snatched it away and then sam_reynoldsUS with the an unbeatable confidence and 55,059 Spun Points took what was clearly his, and was crowned 50th NA King of Spun. For the second time in the history of Spunland one King reigned in both territories, for the second time that King was Sam Reynolds, and for the second time ever the Orange Spun Crown was won!

Perhaps it was the momentous occasion which resulted in all 5 crowns being present; Spuno'ween, 4th of July, White, Purple and Orange were seen upon the heads of the erstwhile Spun Majesties as they celebrated Sam's historic win (dxkills16, smokingpistol, lilmonstersmiler, sam_reynoldsUS, abhraham_us and Ren_Echo). And so ended the Coronation of the 50th King of Spun!

The 51st Coronation contest would come to pass just one week later, on the 14th of October (4 - 4.30pm PDT/ 7- 7.30pm EDT in North America and 9 - 9.30pm BST in the EU), when the Orange Crown we see it's second coronation...

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Endings, Beginnings and the 49th Kings of Spun...

On that day Uncle Spun was rudely awoken by the bell. It had been such a long time since he had heard it ring that he had quite forgotten what it sounded like. As it happens it sounds a lot like the siren which heralds the start of a Spunland harvest. Who could possibly be at the door? Indeed so perturbed by this he was he did not realise that for the first time in a month he had experienced a dreamless sleep. No cats or boxes or whispers of the queen, just sound, peaceful sleep.

There was no one at the door, but laying on the Spun Welcome mat was a red envelope. His little Spun heart skipped a beat as he read the terrible title of the letter 'Notice of Eviction'.

Due to the escalating costs of existence and sundry other issues this world will expire 178 days from now. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Yours regretfully, The Management.

Three times his head spun round completely. 'This world will expire 178 days from now'. By our Gracious Majesty, what could this mean? Like a wind-up toy Uncle Spun traversed the Mansion colliding from one wall to the other until he found himself in the basement where toiled the Sceptical Duke of Spun.

'What ails you Spun?'

A single orange tear rolled down his rounded face as he passed the awful message to the Duke.

'Hmm. You knew this moment would come. We all did, If not today, maybe tomorrow or the day beyond.'

Uncle Spun could not respond. He knew it to be true, the dreams, the graffiti, the yearning for a time machine and all of the other smaller ominous omens. The end was nigh.
'Wait here'. The Duke began to rummage among his great machines and soon returned with a bruised and soiled envelope. This is for you.

With a trepidation approaching terror Uncle Spun opened the greasy envelope and for the second time that day his heart skipped a beat.

My Dearest Uncle Spun,

I know the day you read this will seem the saddest you have known, but remember that every ending is but the prelude to a beginning, just as the Spunflowers must die that another harvest may follow, so it is with all things.

I know you will have fulfilled your duties with diligence and decorum, and my only regret is that I never made it back to see our spunderful world and all it's beautiful Spunlings. Enlist all those you can to build a brave and better future, and perhaps one day we may dance again under Spun skies. Until then, may the Spun be always with you...

Your ever admiring Queen of Spun x

The little robo quivered, sobbed and shook, for ultimately that is all he really was - a little white robo with a great purple top hat and a spunificent moustache. And it is well that he was, for once those tears were dry it would be back to his duties. There were 178 days left and not a one of them should be wasted.

*  *  *

When the 49th Coronation rolled around Spunland EU was as busy as ever. MiiSs-Brunette claimed the crown as a Spun Storm raged, then perhaps as a sign of the changing times madmunkid swept in to become the first Harvest King, but not for long; poetic justice electrified the air as Spunling smartly snatched it. sun-black1234, sam_reynolds01 and archking all managed claims before MisSs-Brunette ended the first spun cycle in possession once more.

The same spuntastic cast  played out the second cycle with archking beginning and sun-black1234 ending. In the third we had many newcomers, GAMEZXSTE was our third harvest king, then RAZAN1105 made his debut before madmunkid struck again only to be beat once more by Spunling. sam_reynolds01 reminded all of his powers before discarding the crown as the next storm began, hotbunny4life saw her chance but soon lost out to the spuntastically named neotopian who in turn yielded to archking.

The final cycle was dominated by Spunling, with sam_reynolds01 being the only other contender and so Spunling was crowned 49th EU Spun Majesty on 43,245  Spun points. All Hail!

Across the Great Atlantic in Spunland NA all things spun were even busier. So many were the names and swift the swapping of the crown that it was almost impossible to take it all down, for this apologies. Gamechamp3x got us started, followed by snakewalker then goddessbunny42 - who from where one observed seemed to have the Spun Crown in the sky!

quansalters was the first Harvest King, then destroyuall1418 made their first play before goddessbunny42 snatched the crown back only to lose it swiftly after to the Ren_Echo - the mightiest Spunsmith of them all! The second cycle brought Tevin-The-Gamer to the claiming and dxkills16 but once again Ren_Echo ended the cycle victorious. The third saw more exchanges of the crown than previously ever seen, at least 12 times it changed heads REBEL-RU2 took the harvest title, then the throng was joined by many others among them sam_reynoldsUS, Orbizart, fireball, isaacalvarez and XxDeathFallsxX. XxDeathFallsxX claimed Harvest King of the fourth, then Orbizart fought a valiantly with goddessbunny42 and sam_reynoldsUS, but ultimately lost out to dxkills16.

The fifth harvest, a thing so rarely seen was owned by dxkills16, who triumphed most convincingly on a spuntastic 36,960 Spun Points, becoming the 49th NA Majesty of Spun! All Hail!

Next week will be the 50th Coronation, and marking this momentous occasion will be the advent of the Orange Spun Crown! Tuesday, 7th October, Spunland EU 9 - 9.30pm BST and Spunland NA 4-4.30pm PDT/ 7-7.30pm EDT. Until then, Stay Spun!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Kings of Spun the 48th

Oh Spun Salutations Dear Reader, an incredibly harassed and frantic Uncle Spun here to update the Regal Annals of Spun. This week, unlike the previous two we have old favourites reclaim their titles; the ever silent JohnPlayer67, 48th EU King of Spun, and the pleasingly loquacious StealingHearts, 48th NA Spun Majesty!

As intimated Uncle Spun is more than a little busy today, indeed he may have to make another post in the next few days to update you on his forsaken tales of visions and dreams. Spunland Mansions spins with so much fevered activity that he fears it may take off and drop him Dorothy-like in some other unspun land. The choice of boxes flashes before his one good eye with such rapidity that his head becomes like Saturn, it seems the shape of things to come will be determined by gravity rather than the weighing of choice and consequence. So spins the Spun.

Spunland EU was busier than of late. archking started the contest but quickly lost the crown to JohnPlayer67, an opening which set the pattern for the competition as these two continued to claim and counter claim, indeed for the final two Spun Cycles none but they had a touch of the Crown. Agus_GamerCH, hamzadj, Gandjay_35 and mattia-the-boss all featured in the contest but none could stop JohnPlayer67 claiming the title with 34,961 Spun Points!

Spunland NA brought us another fiercely fought contest. storm4551 had the briefest of starts before StealingHearts taking the crown announced her determined regal ambition. Following the first Spun Harvest StealingHearts did keep possession for the first entire Spun Cycle. The second and third cycles started and ended with StealingHearts again, although quickpick7050, Sciotoan68 and Dementia-Fester all managed to wrest control away at times. The final harvest saw StealingHearts take the crown and claim her Spuno'ween Prize on a spuntastic 41,535 Spun Points! All Hail!

Next week, same day, time and place (although we will try to organize the Dukes a little better); Tuesday 30th September, Spunland EU: 9 -9.30pm BST, Spunland NA: 4-4.30pm PDT, 7-7.30pm EDT. Until then, stay Spun!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The 47th Kings of Spun, many thanks and other news

Spun Salutations Dear Reader! Today we find ourselves announcing the 47th Kings Of Spun! All Hail Jan-Mar2 our 47th EU Majesty and Sciotoan68, 47th NA King of Spun!

Uncle Spun really did intend to reveal more of the strange affairs behind his recently adorned eye patch, but finds that he has so many other messages to pass on that there is not time! Last week we asked if any would act as our tour guides to PlayStation Home; to show us things we had not seen and generally help with the creation of various videos. Several spunderful evenings ensued, making the madmunkis wish that they had asked for your expert help long ago! Spuntabulously big Spun thanks to StealingHearts, phatso64, Ren_Echo and kwoman32, not just for your enlightening endeavors but also for the pleasure of your company, it was a real Spun honor to get to converse with you all at length! Should anyone else care to further educate the madmunkis at some point then please consider this an open invitation to get in touch (UncleSpun & Spun deDuke in NA, madmunkid & i-munki in the EU).

At Spunland Mansions we are always thrilled to receive Art & Observations inspired by all things Spun, indeed one of the first pieces to have our spun heads spinning in excitement was the Spun Nail Art of Amanda Matthews. Miss Mathews is taking part in the 24 hour Extra Life gaming challenge to raise money for charity, spuntastically enough she is planning to spend all 24 hours of the challenge in Spunland on the 25th of October, when as chance would have it will be Spunoween! You can reward her worthy endeavors with sponsorship (as we shall very shortly) and check out all of the details right here. This week we received two spunderful new pieces of Spunland Art; this delectable spun confectionery from InSight_2k and this Spuntastic 'Alice In Spunderland' drawing by the talented StealingHearts - big Spun thanks to you all!

And so to the 47th Coronations... Uncle Spun is pleased to report that Spunland EU was busier last night than it has been of late. The contest began toward the end of a Spun Storm with InSight_2k in possession. Violika running about in her VR goggles became the first Harvest King before  Beyondtwosouls91 had their sole shot of the contest, to lose out to InSight_2k. As soon as InSight_2k dropped the crown xX_Rodri-go_Xx swept it up, then Jan-Mar2 came galloping in on his great steed taking us to the end of the first Spun Cycle. Jan-Mar2 became our second Harvest King, InSight_2k briefly thwarted his regal ambition, then the ever dependable sam_reynolds01 made his first claim. Jan-Mar2 proved a persistent contestant, his only competition in the third Spun Cycle being sam_reynolds01. The final harvest started with the debut of archking, but they proved no match for Jan-Mar2, even InSight_2k could not prevent Jan-Mar2 being crowned 47th EU King of Spun with a spuntastic 25,346 Spun Points! All Hail!

Spunland NA was as busy as ever and the contest was frantic. Uncle Spun managed to video the entire event, so much easier it would be to point you to that than tell the tale but alas there has not yet been the time to upload the weighty file so words will have to do for now. cincraq began the competition but dropped the crown and SuperMacho69 seized it, Zmanx316 then had the briefest of runs before RacerXJuggalo in the form of a great spectral wolf staked his claim and ended the first cycle in posession. SuperRising had the honour of becoming a brief harvest King then Real_Gamer140 intervened. RacerXJuggalo snatched the crown then sam_reynoldsUS made his first appearance before dropping the Crown for RacerXJuggalo to claim it back.

Other than another appearance from sam_reynoldsUS the second Spun Cycle brought us a whole new set of contenders; Dylan, EJP_5, dxkills16, SilkenHair, the spunderfully named URGENT-MATTER, jrj1954, magicmix13 and RoRoLs93. Pheeeew. The third Harvest saw jrj1954 become harvest King and added Ren_Echo and lilmonstersmiler to the spuntastic mix of contestants with dxkills16 dominating. The final harvest started the same as its predecessor, with jrj1954 losing his Harvest Crown to dxkills16, Ren_Echo made a final play then, from out of nowhere Sciotoan68 played his well timed gambit to win the contest on 31,240 Spun Points! Uncle Spun would like to add that it was a pleasure to finally meet Sciotoan68 in person  as the 47th NA King of Spun, having had cause to appreciate our latest Majesty's astute observations and wisdom on the forums many times before! All Hail!

Next week, the 48th Coronation Contest will take place on the Tuesday the 23rd of September, Spunland EU: 9 - 9.30pm BST, Spunland NA: 4-4.30pm PDT / 7 - 7.30pm EDT. Until then Stay Spun!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The 46th Kings of Spun & Video Request...

Spun Salutations Dear Reader, Uncle Spun is pleased to announce that we have another two brand new Kings of Spun this week, all hail Motoricobu 46th EU King of Spun and boofi13 46th Spun Majesty of NA!

Uncle Spun's eye problems continue unabated, and although he is eager to regale you with further tales of his spun dreams and the ambiguous wonders he sees from his troublesome left orb there is not the time for the stack of his duties rises higher than those boxes in the aforementioned warehouse. Besides, he also has a message to pass on; the madmunkis are engaged in making a 'video' of Home and could use some help to do so, they want to visit your favourite places and see your favourite things in the wide and spunderful world that is PlayStation Home. Their first foray into this endeavour will be this evening (wednesday 10th September) starting out in Spunland NA at 4pm PDT/7pm EDT - if you would like to help please show up and guide them where you may! Or send us a friend request  and message (UncleSpun or Spun DeDuke for NA or madmunkid or i-munki for EU) if you would like to do this but at some other time.

Despite being quiet once more the crown of Spunland EU was still sought with some serious competition. jansolo followed by Mz_Manzana began the contest, though quickly dropped from proceedings as Motoricobu then Wadzonator_666 weighed in to begin their domination of the event. Masonbol2014 became our first Harvest King before also beating a hasty retreat. Over the following three Spun Cycles Motoricubu and Wadzonator_666 took the crown from one another, with only the indomitable sam_reynolds01 interrupting their their regal duel. Motoricobu finally won the day in the midst of a White Spun Storm with a spuntastic 27,276 Spun Points! All Hail!

Things were quite different on the other side of the Great Atlantic as Spunland NA teemed with contestants, indeed so many that it took an age for all the avatars to appear and the network lag rolled in and out like an angry tide. maddogcrusher in his great black wings took the first claim of the Spun Crown before old favourites ReccaWolf and StealingHearts interjected. Maxx_Mega reigning Harvest King took on the title which lately seems his alone with the advent of the first harvest although ReccaWolf beat him to it on each succeeding cycle. The plethora of names to seize the crown was all but too long to list, some had the regal prize for such a short breath that Uncle Spun was hard pressed to note them.  jettas4me, AK1981 and DavidG2674 all had a touch at points, X13LONDIEX and sam_reynoldsUS managed a few whilst spunlandfan2014 in her Uncle Spun head atop a flying 4 leaf clover made a consistent meal of the Spun Hopper. boofi13 played a masterful gambit by holding off till the final full cycle to join, but the match was best expressed by the final spawning of the Spun Crown as all gathered by the pipe and a flurry of names flashed above it one after the other (spunlandfan2014, Maxx_Mega and StealingHearts) until it finally settled on our new Majesty boofi13 who won with by hairs breadth on 39,037 Spun Points! All Hail!

Next week the 47th Kings of Spun will be decided on Tuesday the 16th of September, Spunland EU: 9 -9.30pm BST, Spunland NA: 4-4.30pm PDT/ 7 -7.30pm EDT. Until then, stay Spun!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The 45th Kings of Spun

Spun Salutations Dear Reader! Today we herald the inauguration of two brand new Kings of Spun! All hail InSight_2k, 45th EU Spun Majesty and q7u7tool, 45th NA King of Spun!

Uncle Spun must apologize for the brevity of this missive (especially to our new Kings), although he suspects that this will actually come as a relief to many; the fact is that the ocular issues which began to plague him last week have continued unabated. One has avoided sleep as far as possible in order to escape the increasingly spun dreams dominated as they are by boxes, cats and all manner of odd constructions. Which box to chose is the constant refrain ringing around his weary head. The eyepatch seems to be holding for now, but it feels as though it is just a matter of time before the dreams take physical form and push the patch away from within, to force his gaze upon this swirling maelstrom of possibilities. Or he may wake up tomorrow with all things tickety-boo once more. Who knows.

Spunland EU was fairly quiet, but as always the contest was fiercely fought. DRW300 got us off to a brisk start before dropping from the contest not long after Motoricobu seized the Crown (Uncle Spun finally had time to record your name correctly - apologies for last week's tardiness in this regard!). sam_reynolds01 snatched the crown then dropped it as he usually does as the first Spun Storm swept in. Motoricobu saw his opportunity and took it once more, indeed he made the most claims of the contest, Mo-1995 had a brief turn and boogschutter20 a long run, but InSight_2k after staking his regal claim during the third Spun Cycle went on to win in the fourth with a Spuntastic 23,064 Spun Points! All Hail!

Many were the names, both new and old to grace our North American contest. RacerXJuggalo was the first to take the crown as the competition began during a Spun Storm. For the third week in a row Maxx_Mega was consistently the Harvest King, taking the crown as it respawned everytime, indeed if he keeps this up a special title may have to be coined for this achievement! q7u7tool, sam_reynoldsUS and lilmonstersmiler all confidently entered the fray in the first complete Spun Cycle, to be joined in the next with msavie and Ren_Echo. It was the third full cycle that witnessed the fiercest fight, and with eightinch staking his first claim brought the number of Homeling contestants to three. NCHOTROD1 made his d├ębut following the final harvest, but failed to stop the mighty q7u7tool stomping to victory in his huge robo suit on a spuntastic 30,582 Spun Points! - All Hail!

And so, next week the 46th Kings of Spun will be decided on Tuesday the 9th of September (oh how close the 50th Coronation draws near!), Spunland EU: 9 -9.30pm BST, Spunland NA: 4-4.30pm PDT and 7 - 7.30pm EDT. One final note before signing off; this new month of September will bring Spuno'ween every Wednesday. Till next week, stay Spun!