Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Transatlantic King of Spun the First!

Spun Salutations, and instant apologies if Uncle Spun's uncontainable excitement runs away with his words this fine spring day - Yes, Callooh! Callay! For the first time ever we have the same spunling crowned King of Spun (the 26th) in both NA & the EU on the same day! This most majestic of Majesties is none other than Sam Reynolds, in the guise of sam_reynolds01 (EU) and sam_reynoldsUS (NA)!!! Superspun congratulations Sam! To mark this spuntastic acheivement the Spun Artists have rendered your frame in a special fashion.

The Coronation in the EU was as busy as Spunland has ever been, indeed Uncle Spun was hard pressed to spin his way this way and that through the throng without colliding with contestants, forever fearful of a mighty unspun crash. The competition was fearsome, at one point sam_reynolds01 was being chased by at least 6 persistent foes at once, putting Uncle Spun in mind of the Dukes of Spun with their train of spunball collecting revellers. Of the many who valiantly tried to deny our majesty his win the most tenacious were GothicNeo, assassine9799999 and our 25th King of Spun luukhoestra- commiserations and deep respect to you all.

Perhaps it was a premonition of the imminent momentous occasion which compelled Uncle Spun to spend the pre-coronation period actually in play, in fact Uncle Spun was briefly King of Spun himself before our event began! This coupled with some confusion caused by Spun deDuke mysteriously summoning the Happy Duke of Spun  produced a slight delay to the start of proceedings, which otherwise went (mostly) smoothly. StardustChampion, lilmonstersmiler, slytherin_queen4 and Ren_Echo all managed to capture the crown at least briefly as did, U_wnt_this which may be Uncle Spun's favourite name he has ever seen in Spunland! Spun Congratulations to you all!

So it seems as though the bug fix worked, indeed it looks as though we also no longer have issues with syncing. This is not to say that Spunland is bug free, far from it I am afraid, but we will continue to hunt the unspun critters down and banish them as best we can. In the meantime we can only beg your patience, and pass on our apologies to those of you who find it wearing thin, to whom we say; fair enough, take your patience elsewhere and from it craft a pretty picture or tune, or better still sacrifice it to summon into existence a wobbly world which celebrates weirdness, a paean to all things fun, devoid of angst and insecurity - but be sure to send us an invite if you do, that we may attend and express our everspun gratitude!

Next week, the 27th King of Spun will be decided on Tuesday the 29th of April, EU: 8-8.30pm BST and NA: 4-4.30pm PDT / 7 - 7.30 EDT. Until then Stay Spun!

Friday, 18 April 2014

Majesty of the Unspun Bugfix I

Spun Salutations Dear Reader, it is with spuntastic pleasure that Uncle Spun finds himself announcing that lilmonstersmiler made Spunland history on Thursday by being crowned Majesty of the Unspun Bugfix I! It was no ordinary coronation occasioned as it was by the need to test the latest bugfix, the cause of no small amount of trepidation for we at Spunland Mansions, and Uncle Spun is more than thrilled to relate: It works!! It works!! Callooh! Callay! Although it is 'Unspun Bugfix I' as another is required... The catastrophic crashes of last week are banished, and from this initial test it looks like our spunling playmates are all in sync, the one obvious outstanding issue being that many of our spunflowers seem invulnerable to storms and are not dying as they should. We will be looking at restoring mortality to the spunflowers as soon as we can, should you spot any other unspun behaviour please let us know.

Big Spun thanks to Majesty lilmonstersmiler, CathedralDream, tieKiller and the others who came out to help us test the fix. The test took place only in North America due to tedious demands of time and space, which also resulted in the unusual circumstances of both madmunkis being in the same physical location for once and consequently sharing an Avatar!

 Next week a normal spun service will resume - so on Tuesday 22nd of April come compete for the title of 26th King of Spun! EU 8 - 8.30pm BST, NA 4 - 4.30pm PDT / 7 - 7.30 EDT. Have a Spun Day.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Spun Out Of Control

Spun Salutations Dear Reader, it is with much distress that Uncle Spun finds himself writing this missive here today, but needs must when the Unspun Devil drives... On Wednesday of this week (9th April) our latest Spunland bug fix went live, only it seems to have fixed one bug by opening the door to a host of others, indeed one cannot stay in Spunland now for more than 5 minutes without a mighty unspun crash striking.  Uncle Spun is sorry to say that we need to postpone the coronations until we get this fixed. It is unfortunately not the first time we have had to do this, but such is the nature of continually evolving the Spun.

The last substantial update to Spunland (in February) added a lot of new functionality, but somehow introduced a bug that we have never been able to reproduce in our test version of Spunland. You may have spotted things in Spunland being 'out of sync', that is to say occasionally you will see someone planting a seed during a storm, or even planting a seed on a patch where there is already a fully grown spunflower, meaning that their version of Spunland is not the same as yours. This is particularly bad during the weekly coronation contest, when occasionally you may spot the Spun Crown suddenly disappearing from the current apparent King to reappear on the head of another. In this case someone's Spunland is probably experiencing a harvest (when the crown gets reset), so they have been able to take it from a place where it should not be... All most unspun.

Anyway, the Spun Engineers added some new code to try keep everyone's Spunland consistent, and it looks like this is causing crashes all of the time (which one supposes is a consistency of sorts - just the opposite of that desired). We are now hard at work on another fix, but as we cannot reproduce the problems in the test environment it is rather tricky, so we beg your patience. If you visit Spunland be sure to save at the Bank of Spun often, for a crash is likely to be at most minutes away.

We will let you know as soon as a new fix goes live, then, once we are convinced that the fix has worked the Coronation Contests will resume. In the meantime we beg your patience and ask that you accept our most humble apologies. Have a Spun Day.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

25th Kings of Spun

Spun Salutations dear reader! Uncle Spun here with a foggy head to quickly congratulate our new Kings of Spun - once more we hail luukhoekstra as the EU king of Spun and ReccaWolf, now 25th NA Spun Majesty! Spun Congratulations!

Uncle Spun must move on to the apologies without delay, for the EU contest although busy and hotly contested was the scene of a most Unspun crash which most certainly cost GlassReaver the crown. You have our deepest apologies GlassReaver and today we wear our spun heads with shame, with any luck the fix which goes live this day will put paid to such common horrors. With luck. Yes the EU contest was a busy one and GlassReaver clearly dominated, but following a last minute crash luukhoekstra took the Spun Crown and kept his regal title.

In North America things seemed, to Uncle Spun at any rate, a little more stable. Amongst the many who claimed the crown Sentient-Prime and ReccaWolf did so for the longest times, with ReccaWolf winning the day on 18,520 points. All Hail our new Kings please, and forgive Uncle Spun for this brief missive today. With the fix going live, hopefully next week's contest will be less traumatic...

Same time, same place: Tuesday the 15th April, 8-8.30pm BST in the EU and  4 - 4.30pm PDT / 7 - 7.30 EDT in NA, come proclaim yourself the 26th King of Spun!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Kings of Spun the 24th & Latest Spun...

Spun salutations dear reader! All hail our new Kings of Spun, luukhoekstra of the EU and ArlingtonAvenger of NA, our 24th Spun Majesties! Before getting down to the important business of reporting on the regal drama of last night Uncle Spun must relate to you some Spun news...

So Spunland is still beset by unspun syncing issues, which we were hoping to have a fix out for today, unfortunately this has been postponed until next Wednesday (9th April). For the sake of the Spun engineers one must stress that this will be an attempted fix, that is to say they cannot reproduce these issues in their test environment, so it may take a few attempts to get this sorted, please bear with us!

Today does however see Spunland added to the pool of Home challenges - Uncle Spun is afraid that these will be a little too easy for seasoned spunlings, but will at least get you points towards trophies and suchlike. At this moment we believe there to be 3 challenges, hopefully more will be added at some future point...

Right, to the Coronations. Uncle Spun is pleased to report that the EU contest was a lively one, indeed it was one of those occasions where there were so many contestants that Uncle Spun spent the entire match squirming as he spun in fear of an unspun crash. Although many were the heads to hold the crown the contest in the main was between bjkber, GlassReaver and luukhoekstra, not to forget sam_reynolds01 in his Spunling Ghost costume, although we are sure that sam was just taking part as opposed to really competing. As the final 5 minutes of the contest began it seemed as though GlassReaver, our 4th EU King of Spun, would be coronated our 24th in his regal purple Spun Suit, but luukhoekstra made a cunning play, having left the Spun Crown unchallenged for the passing of two whole Spun Harvest he seized it with his 11,954 points in the final minutes and was duly crowned. It was a close contest. To bjkber we must offer the unfortunately usual Spun apologies as Uncle Spun is fairly certain that bjkber's ambitions were felled by an unspun crash.

On the other side of the Great Atlantic Spunland was somewhat less populated, but that did not prevent a fierce contest from taking place - a contest between the sartorially similar shadowdemon_4 and ArlingtonAvenger. Unless Uncle Spun is very much mistaken, the only other spunling to lay claim to the Crown was erstwhile majesty smoky500, making this most majestic of Spun objects more like the ball in a tennis match than the adornment for the head of a King. In the end ArlingtonAvenger won with a spuntastic 16,908 Spun Points! Before signing off for this week, Uncle Spun must thank Akina8373 and lilmonstersmiler for a most enjoyable post coronantion chat that kept him up long past his bedtime.

Next week - same time, same place: Tuesday the 8th of April, EU: 8 - 8.30pm BST and NA: 4 - 4.30pm PDT / 7 - 7.30pm EDT. Stay Spun!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Kings of Spun the 23rd & Spun News...

Spun Salutations! All hail our 23rd Kings of Spun: APPIE1615 of the EU and StealingHearts of NA. Spun congratulations to you both! Before getting down to the details of the coronations Uncle Spun has a few announcements.

First up is that we have submitted a bug fix for the current unspun crop of bugs, if all goes well it should go live on the 2nd of April, but Uncle Spun will confirm this once he knows for sure. This is however just a bug fix, there is no new Spun content yet (well except the advent of Spunland Challenges - also due on the 2nd), and indeed there may have to be another bug fix before fresh Spun comes to Spunland, we'll find out on the 2nd of April...

Big Spun thanks to AlphaZone4 for inviting us to take part in their 5th Birthday celebrations, madmunki attended a live Q&A in Spunland EU last thursday and had much Spun fun, especially as the Dukes of Spun got to shake off their cobwebs and go for a spun galavant We must bring the Dukes of Spun back to NA soon!

Finally, although it makes Uncle Spun feel like some tawdry used car dealer to say so, he feels it pertinent to point out that players can reduce the spun points lost by the oft-cursed Spun Hopper by wearing any of the Spunland Full-body costumes. Normally one loses half of one's Spun points when hit, but in Spun attire this is reduced to a mere 20% These also enable the wearer to plant up to 3 seeds on a Spun Patch, much like the Spunflower Head. Note this applies only to the full body commerce items (the spun suits, spunling ghost, Spumpkin, Happy & Angry Spunlings costumes) not the reward ones (the tree & the spun-on-a-stick), hence the used car dealer reference. Uncle Spun has nothing against car dealers by the way, used or otherwise.

And so to the Coronations! Uncle Spun is pleased to say that the EU coronation was as busy as ever with Spunlings happily darting this way and that with the Spun Crown. Many heads were graced with the regal prize, too many indeed to mention all, elijahbuttons and trutje90 bore it more than once and although JohnPlayer67, xXLykoXx, MEGA_SACKBOY_30 and Suriel1981 all laid claim at points APPIE1615 was once more crowned Spun Majesty with 19, 696 Spun Points! All Hail! Uncle Spun must also mention the ever gallant sam_reynolds01, who also took charge of the crown briefly and had what one suspects was a rather large score, and lola_25 our incumbent majesty of the time who watched on in the pleasing form of a cat.

Apologies to any in NA who were as confused as Uncle Spun by daylight savings, there will no doubt be more confusion next week as those pesky daylight savings come thrust themselves upon us in the UK, but afterwards our times should be consistent until autumn shows it's dreary face again. Anyway, yes NA, the contest got off to a sharp start, lilmonstersmiler and dxkills16 got a brief shot in a contest otherwise dominated by the mighty StealingHearts. This took place against a backdrop even more Spun than usual as a convention of rodents had seemingly gathered to discuss matters of great import in the centre of Spunland! Callooh Callay! Spun Congratullations to Majesty StealingHearts, who for the record won with a spuntastic 24, 298 spun points! Uncle Spun hopes that she will forgive the picture he has chosen to use of her 3rd Coronation as it evokes the altercation that took place at the time. There should be no guilt or recrimination at winning more than once, everyone has the same Spun chance, although Akina8373 must be commended for her commitment to fair play (and her altruistic underspun endeavours!) and hopefully lilmostersmiler will accept our deep spun commiserations and wishes for better Spun luck next time! Talking of which...

Next week, the 24th Coronation Contest will take place on Tuesday the 1st of April, as the clocks will have sprung in the UK to BST, the EU contest will be from 8-8.30pm BST, and the NA contest will move back to its usual time of 4 - 4.30 PDT and 7 - 7.30 EDT. We'll stick to these time from then on. That's a Spun promise. See you soon, stay Spun!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Kings of Spun the 22nd & news...

It is with some relief that Uncle Spun can report last night's coronations went somewhat smoother than those of the previous week, although there were some subtle signs of crashes and NA may have been a little quieter than of late as Uncle Spun, despite the best attempts of some fine Spunlings, was not aware of NA daylight savings, meaning he was an hour late in starting the regal proceedings... for this - apologies.

Yes, All Hail our new Kings of Spun, lola_25 our 22nd EU majesty and the majestic Akina8373 now 22nd as well as 13th NA King of Spun!

lola_25 won with a mighty 17,005 spun points, indeed her only real competition seemed to come from Gwaihir161 who managed to possess the Spun Crown for quite some portion of the contest. The EU event was also notable for the length of time that the crown sat spinning on its spot unclaimed, there were three entire Spun Harvests without a King as almost all spunlings seemed to be in the sky harvesting Spun Atoms.

Akina8373's win in NA was an indisputable one. Those others who managed to lay claim to the crown did so but fleetingly, to the extent that Uncle Spun had not the chance to record their names! Save for smokingpistol, who sadly, but with good grace bowed out of the contest early, leaving Akina8373 and her mighty 18,077 spun points unchallenged.

Before signing off Uncle Spun would like to extend our thanks to the whole YPSH community for the Honourable Mention Best Home Space of 2013! We are most pleased and honoured! It will help spur us on as we begin in earnest today to hunt down the various unspun bugs that crept into the last update. This current bug hunt is likely to take some time, indeed the traumas of last week produced the suggestion that perhaps we should postpone the Coronations until a fix is live, but we have decided to carry on regardless - just be warned dear spunlings, that Coronations will be subject to the random whims of the crash void until then...

Next week (tuesday 25th March), daylight savings having been understood the times of the Coronation will be EU: 8- 8.30pm GMT, NA: PDT 5 - 5.30pm / EDT 8 - 8.30pm. Stay Spun!